Toll Free Number Text Service

- Toll Free Number

- $19.95 per month

- $199.95 - 1 year promo

- Includes 500 messages per month

- Additional messages $0.02 per message

- One Time LNP & Set Up Fee $29.95

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Text the word DEMO to 866-488-6969

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Text the word DEMO to 866-488-6969
Optimized for your business

Optimized for your business

Customers can text your business line(s) and you have the ability to reply, in essence, from your business line via your standard email OR our Web Portal.

For Businesses this is a very low price point to open a whole new avenue of communications and marketing to their existing customers, and a vehicle to attract the next generation of customers.

Text My Business Line

The preferred method of communication

Successful businesses continue look for new ways to communicate with their existing customers and find new customers. Text messaging is the preferred method of communication with, for what is and will be the, the future customers businesses will compete to acquire. You need to speak their language and text messaging is that method.

We think of our service as a bridge to allow you to leverage everyday business practices and incorporate Text into your normal day to day communications without any special applications or equipment.

Customers text your published business number, it comes to you as an email, you reply from email and the customer sees the reply like a regular text message from your business number

Business Benefit

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Allow mobile devices to send text messages to your published business numbers today.

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